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Who is Service Station Gems ?

You might not have ever heard of us before? Though we have been around in the gemstone mining world and cabochon cutting since 1972. The picture jaspers from the OWYHEE mountain areas of southeastern Oregon are where we began. Still today, those same picture jasper's are what we specialize in. We have been mine owners and co-owners of many of the more famous named Oregon picture jasper mines. We began with the original Wild Horse Picture Jasper mines and have continued to add more mines as time has gone by. Today, we still own several mines and continue to dig out more awesome picture jasper rough gemstones. I plan to have a page on this website that shows pictures and descriptions of many of these long ago gone picture jasper's from this area. There are many so-called "EXPERTS" that think they know .. but unfortunately, many of them are wrong (at least with some of the mine types or names). Check back later to see my new pages.

Our Story

Our Story